Rules & FAQs

The 2023 PAIL Awards is Sunday April 2, 2023

1. When will voting close?

Voting will close February 19, 2023 at 4pm CST.

2. When will the winners be announced?

All winners will announced on the PAIL Awards Facebook and Instagram page on April 2, 2023.


Winners will be notified via email.

3. Who is eligible for a PAIL Award?

A woman, nonprofit organization and support group that resides in the United States of America and is apart of the Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Infertility and NICU community.

4. How can I nominate myself and/or someone?

By filling out the Award Nomination Form on

If you have any questions about the Awards, please email us at

5. How many times can I vote per day? Who can vote? 

ONE VOTE PER DEVICE until February 19, 2023. On February 19th at 3pm CST family and friends can vote as many times until 4pm CST. Anyone 17 or older can vote.

6. Can I participate again if I won an award?
Yes, past winners can participate in the awards again.

7. If I was a nominee in the past awards, Can I be nominated for an award again the following year?
Yes, you can nominate yourself again.



The aim of the PAIL Awards is to celebrate women and nonprofit organizations that have been supportive and a motivation in the Pregnancy and Infant Loss & Infertility community in the USA. PAIL Awards is to recognize incredible women for helping other women during their difficult time. Additionally, all Participants are encouraged to nominate a PAIL woman and vote for the Awards. In order to ensure impartiality, the PAIL Awards Members and Nominees were instructed to recuse themselves from voting in any category where they have been nominated.

In order to ensure all nominees have a fair chance of winning an award, the PAIL Awards Voting Committee reserves the right to balance the number of nominations each nominee will have in the same year.

The Awards consist of:

“Most Inspirational Angel Mama”: an angel mama that have been an inspiration in another angel mama life. 

 “Most Inspirational Infertility Warrior”: an infertility warrior that have been a motivation throughout another infertility warrior journey.  

 “Best Facebook Group”: best support group on Facebook.

 “Best Instagram Page”: best Instagram page.

“Best Podcast”: best Podcast to Listen to.

“Book of the Year”: A book that helped you or others throughout the year.

“Nonprofit Organization of the Year”: a nonprofit organization that went above and beyond to help others throughout the year.

“Best Supportive NICU Mama”: a current or past NICU Mama that have been supportive while your sweet baby was in Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“Best Supportive Rainbow Mama”: a rainbow mama who have been supportive during your pregnancy with your rainbow baby. Rainbow baby: is a term used to describe children born after a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, like light at the end of storm.


1. Nominate 

The deadline for nominating a woman or nonprofit organization will be December 18, 2022. To nominate a woman or nonprofit, fill out the nomination form by visiting If you have any questions please email us at

2. Publication

The Awards results will be made public via PAIL Awards social media and emails to subscribers on April 2, 2023. The results are made available on this website.

3. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Individual votes remain confidential. Click here to read the Terms of use and our Privacy Policy.

4. Miscellaneous

The Awards are managed by Quila’s Angels. Any unexpected issues will be dealt with by the Voting Committee of the Awards.

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